Family Values

As a legislator and father of six children, Dennis Pyle's voting record is 100% pro-life. He is a leader in the fight to protect the unborn. He co-sponsored bills against human cloning and embryonic research. Dennis supports parental consent and requiring abortion facilities to provide women with accurate information about the serious health risks related to the procedure. As a co-sponsor of the Marriage Amendment and having been married to his wife Jennifer for 38 years; Dennis believes that marriage - between one man and one woman- is a sacred institution. He will continue to work to preserve the traditional definition of marriage and other family values.

2nd Amendment

Dennis Pyle enjoys hunting, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. He and his family have hunted white tail deer, pheasants, and quail. With his help, five of his daughters have tagged their first deer. From a personal perspective and a constitutional one, Dennis is and has always been a strong advocate for second amendment rights. His record earned him an "A+" rating with both the Sportsman's Alliance and the NRA. Pyle was a key supporter for Kansas' concealed carry laws. In 2000 he received special distinction being nominated to the NRA Millennium Honor Roll.


Not only is our current entitlement system unsustainable, it is the single largest driver of our nation's debt and must be reformed immediately. Promises should be kept. To keep these promises different promises must be made for people age 40 and younger, by moving retirement age gradually up as average length of life increases and working a little longer. These changes make the failure of these programs less likely. Repeal of Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) is necessary.

Term Limits

Accountability to constituents rather than lobbyists and bureaucrats is necessary to limited government. Term limits equally applied will not solve all the ills of Congress but will bring needed reform and guarantee a citizen legislature. The president is limited to 2 terms (8 years). 4 House (8 years) and 2 Senate (12 years) terms would be a great limit on the power of these offices.

Budget and Spending

Due to the size of federal government many of its activities are not understood and are beyond the knowledge of its citizens. It is imperative this be addressed and that the nation's finances be immediately put in order. Difficult decisions cannot be delayed. Congress must pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, identify budget reductions, rein in entitlement spending, and eliminate duplicitous federal programs.

Free Trade and Regulation

Limited government means less interference from government, greater economic opportunity and freedom. When government hinders the free flow of goods and services it ends up choosing winners and losers. Regulatory costs of paperwork hamper innovation and raise costs, creating hidden taxes and creating a productive burden. Having freedom to produce, buy and sell is a win-win. Therefore, regulatory reform is a priority as is strengthening regulatory review processes. Following these principles of limited government means we will lead in technology, energy, agriculture, and manufacturing.


Tax policy goals should be raising the amount of revenue needed to legitimately fund necessary functions of government, while neither damaging nor inhibiting the economic freedom and liberty of taxpayers. Dennis stood and voted against- the Graves tax increase in 2002 (SB 39, HJ May 16, 2002 pg 2767-2768, raised cigarette, sales, corporate franchise, inheritance, and more), the Parkinson tax in 2010 (SJ May 6,2010 pg 1536-1537 raised sales tax for 3 years), the Brownback tax hikes in 2013 (HB 2059 SJ March 13, 2013 pg 272-273, CCR 2059 SJ pg 1035-1036 made 2010 sales tax increase permanent, lowered the standard deduction, took away mortgage, healthcare, and property deductions, and more) and 2015 (HB 2109 SJ July 7, 2015 pg 1224 raised sales tax and more), and most recently SB 30, the 2017 retroactive tax (SJ June 5, 2017 pg 979 raised income tax retroactively and other) unfortunately others did not stand nor vote against these tax and spend measures!


Our borders need to be secured today. Those who violate the law should not be rewarded by granting them amnesty. They are costing U.S. citizen taxpayers, creating economic problems, and are a threat to our national security. Legal immigrants who take the steps to abide by our laws should not be mocked by those who are here illegally.

Veteran Affairs

As the grandson of a WWI Army veteran and the son of a WWII Army veteran, Dennis Pyle knows that we have a responsibility to every man and woman, who lived, worked, fought, and died to secure the freedom we enjoy. It's a responsibility that affects the way we raise our families, the way we work, even the way we vote. Our Veterans are owed a debt we can never fully repay.

Homeland Security

Dennis Pyle is committed to defending our nation from all threats to its security. Pyle is a strong supporter of National Defense and prefers to engage our enemies in their homelands not ours. During his time in office, Dennis introduced a bill calling for the formation and training of a voluntary state defense force for emergency preparedness purposes.